Poems Day 4

Twiglet #18–A Kiss on the Porch



Kiss on the Porch, Another

Her shins are the shins of a middle-aged woman.
Beyond the porch light, darkness. The darkness of summer.
The darkness of a small town. Her midriff is bare,

and she is shuttered. He has come to a pause,
and in this moment of silence each is alone. Strangers
in intimacy. Thighs touch thighs in an elevator.

Doors open and close, open and close. Like cars
again passing on a long highway, catching glimpses
and leaving impressions. Paintings, snapshots,

brief flashes of remembered dreams. What was it like?
When they were kissing, before: they felt. What? They will
experience deja vu. A goose walking over your grave.




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