Wordle: Strap

The Sunday Whirl


The Strap

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things
the strap breaks off. What’s done, Pilgrim, won’t un-do.
No chick can fit back in its shell. That’s how the cookie
crumbles, how the cell mutates. Vent like a pirate’s parrot,

fulminate the air blue–then put a sock in, bear it. Grin.
Even if it hurts your teeth, be ye of good cheer. Giving
in is not the same as giving up. Plug your gun in. Draw
a single line of glue along the surface that offends and

hold the mess together. Repair is an opportunity to make
the situation yours. Add more glue. Slap on some trim.



1 thought on “Wordle: Strap”

  1. Well this gave me a laugh because I can remember many years ago watching a man trying to mend the handle on a suitcase that had broken off. He was not too pleased!


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