for PA 18

Knock-Turn #2: Life

Science just heralded a new dwarf star
not so very far away, as the crow flies.
It has seven almost life-size planets,
some might seem a little like ours.

In the vastness of a Seven Flags parking
lot or Canada, another Frodo Lives! decal.
Seeing a photo of Mom, looking impossibly
sexy, scarily like last evening’s mirror.

A dwarf with seven princesses. A twist made
for the Disney brand. Pastels in each others’
hip pockets. Their weights will be matters
of public record, and who hogs the shower.

There’s an old joke about that crow: What if
he’s walking and lugging a flat tire? How far
can you get in a year of waiting room nights?
How fast can he forget/you forget his name?

Of course, the stars are like old movies: our
Starlets have lives before their discovery, Dad
has always known her, and so has Fred. But
now this little star’s a part of the Anthropocene.


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