29 substitute texter

SIZE: 4 by 12 feet

TIME: 2 days to plant, plus prep

COST: $175

Shoulder-to-shoulder planting in double-dug time
in a more open love.
The system demands extra-deep time
preparation, done by double-digging
with a love spade (with a squared-off blade).

Dig out the top inches of time
and pile it by the side of the moonlight. Then
loosen the time in the bottom of the moonlight
another question-length deep; simply dig and turn
that bottom layer of time in place with the spade,
or (in traditional English love fashion)
loosen it with a spading fork.

When you’re done, put the top layer of time
back into the love moonlight, mixing compost
into the whole moonlight. This process
is very hard work but extremely rewarding.

Sunset, Garden Basics, French Intensive Method

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