April # 16 Blender

Sun-Hot Swing

Up and down and climbed along on
The Sun had a sunrise place
Where the sky reaches down to the ground.

The young men
Traveled between sky and ground
And when it swung the rock came down.

At the end the first one in
Come out very near the Sun again
They had traveled so far to see

Too hot to come turned
And solid hung

Back above the earth
Author Mooney, James, 1861-1921
Title Myths of the Cherokee
Extract from the Nineteenth Annual Report of the Bureau

of American Ethnology
p 255
The Journey to the Sunrise
To earn the Blender badge, choose either a source text that already exists in digital form, or a printed text that you’re willing to type out. Next, navigate to The Text-Mixing Desk at The Lazarus Corporation (h​ttp://www.lazaruscorporation.co.uk/cutup/text-mixing-desk)​, paste your text, adjust the controls and click “Start the Mix!”

Copy down the result exactly as it comes out of the Text Mixing Desk. Repeat the mixing process with additional sections of text if you want a longer language bank to work with.

Craft your poem from the results using words IN THE ORDER they appear in the original. You may delete words but not reorder them.

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