April #2 Cut-Up

create a cut-up poem. Start by cutting out desired words or phrases from a source text, and put them in a paper bag or other container.

Shake the container to mix up the words, then pull them out one by one. To create your poem, place the words on the table in the order you draw them from the container.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales
by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Junior Delux Editions
The Frog Prince p 43

nearer knocking
at last, water
But she delayed
time door golden
perform at her heels
the second hopped in





These are words from Grimm’s “The Golden Bird” (p 240), intending a “sonnet”. It’s beyond pointless.

Fox fox looking hand three
Already was found golden wooden
hanging Do not fox But foolish
Tavern then asleep field away
Come to harm stock the you must quiet night
on upon it thinking last without
Room through fine straight pass
Sitting sat reached next tail

Stone snoring there great band after
trouble empty who apples beware
stretched rooms cage the hair
you come wind into will stand
state ugly a mean hesitating
said entered went cage finished



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