April # 5 All Ears

About Nicholas, and…

Have I told you about Nicholas and his egg craving?
Project came across.
Yeah, you might want somebody.

Cards and cocktails
when we get to the studio
and so green fruit.

Gather the students—
that’ll work.
Yeah, yeah. We should have done that right away.


Your back yard is so nice
you’ve got me into my infantile
you can even put the chicken tractor in the barn
and pull it around.
I’m over there across from the city cemetery
Never had anyone ask me for an autograph…
a shirt.
Did I hear somebody say:
Here’s your public?


…and I said: Mom
this is the book Mark’s been reading about.
Predators and such.

…we got married in september
…we babysat the little puppy
…Baba lives in Beliz

Liz—that’s the oldest. The youngest teaches.
Your big honeymoon coming up;
she’s about to get married:

kinda in and out
A kid thing…I mean a boy thing. Pirates
They thought it was going to run into a reef

Variation: limited to single location
Overheard before a poetry reading
Parnassus Books, Nashville TN

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